Do You Need a Reading Timber Treatment Company’s Advice?

Woodworm, which are the larvae of furniture beetles, can be a destructive nuisance and early detection will help a Reading timber treatment company like Pest Control Berkshire eradicate your unwanted house or premises guests.


Here are some tell-tale signs that woodworms are in your woodwork:

  • Woodworm larvae are cream and curved.
  • If you see any of these critters then you need to seek the advice of experts.
  • The larvae feed on the starch in the wood as this gives them energy.
  • They remain larvae for a much longer period than their time as beetles.
  • Larvae can live for 2-5 years.
  • The female troublemakers lay eggs but these are very difficult to see.
  • They take 10-14 days to hatch and the larvae normally burrows down in to the woodwork.
  • It’s this that weakens the wood and can, if left, cause serious structural issues.
  • You may detect furniture beetles coming out of woodwork or dead beetles adjacent to the area infested.
  • They can be 3mm-6mm.
  • The beetles live for around 2 weeks.
  • Holes and tunnels in the woodwork are a common sign.
  • These holes are approximately 2mm, round or oval and they will look freshly bored.
  • The dust created by the creatures boring holes is called frass and it often lies beneath a fresh hole or tunnel.
  • A damaged or easily damageable and crumbly wooden floorboard, beam, joist or item of furniture is often indicatory of a larger problem.
  • A Reading timber treatment company will be able to establish if a woodworm infestation is brutalising your home or premises.

If you have any suspicions then please seek a professional opinion, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

It will lead to structural issues which will cost a lot more to rectify than getting a specialist Reading timber treatment company’s attention at the earliest opportunity.

Incidentally, pest control companies are aware that calling them out can be intimidating and fears about what the neighbours will think can loom large.

To help customers feel at ease experts will often wear unmarked uniforms and use plain vehicles so that your privacy is maintained.

What does an expert Reading timber treatment company do?

A survey will be carried out by a qualified specialist. This will establish the severity of the infestation and which kind of invader you have.

Reputable companies are extremely thorough when they carry surveys out, it’s critical that as much detailed data can be collated as possible. They need to see as much of the woodwork as can be arranged.

A report with recommendations and a quotation is produced and should you wish to hire the Reading timber treatment company then measures can be taken to start treatment.

It’s recommended that you use an accredited firm who can offer long lasting guarantees and can boast partnerships with treatment specialists.

For example, Pest Control Berkshire is a Sovereign Approved Woodworm specialist in a number of southern counties, offering services under the name Thames Valley Timber Treatment.

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

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