Here’s to Hardscape: Using Paving Tiles for Exciting Exteriors


For homeowners looking to do something different with the outside of their residences, an increasingly popular option is using hardscape to make beautiful paved sections that make for a creative alternative to lawns – and with much lower need for maintenance.

Hardscape refers to the manmade exterior features liked paved floors or walls, compared to landscaping which is traditional outside design like elaborate lawns and other greenery. While a well-kept lawn can be a nice addition to any house, it also requires ongoing care with constant mowing, and grass can become worn and unsightly due to overuse and changing weather.

Instead of putting up with all the hassle of upkeep a lawn requires, consider the wide variety of paving options – including slate, quartzite, porcelain and more – to build a one-of-a-kind outside. These features are easy to clean, are resistant to major damage from bad weather, and will last a long time.

One option for outside paving is to use tiles made from travertine, a type of limestone. This natural stone is resistant to damage from the elements, making it ideal for outside paving. A great look is to use light beige tiles that work just as well for patios in warm or cold climates.

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Maybe the design calls for more dramatic colors than just one shade of white. Here’s where slate paving slabs can be a great choice. For example, an eye-catching hardscape flooring display can be made by combining different-sized paving tiles of grays, browns, gold and even green. The only limit on how colorful to make the pattern is the homeowners’ imagination.

Quartzite is another stone option for hardscape projects outside, with many of the same benefits as slate and travertine. Quartzite comes from sandstone, and through a process of applying high heat and pressure it is turned into a useful material for paving and other tiles. This means it can be produced in a variety of designs. A nice look can be achieved by using gray paving tiles of different shapes and sizes for a seemingly random design that can make a patio really stand out.

In addition to travertine, slate, and quartzite, porcelain is also a great option for outside paving that also has all the durability and design versatility of real stone, at lower cost. Create an inviting, elegant outdoor area by using light gray square tiles of the same size, with hints of white in each.

Of course, using paving for a hardscape project means that there will naturally be gaps in between some of the tiles depending on the type of design. A wonderful design solution here is to use dark black quartzite pebbles to fill the gaps between the tiles. This not only provides an excellent finish to many paving projects, but also helps prevent weeds from growing in the spaces between the tiles.

Hardscape paving has a host of benefits for homeowners by creating a unique look and a need for minimal maintenance – a great option for an exciting exterior.

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