London Removals

Choosing a reliable and cost friendly removal company in London

Most people experience a hard time when relocating in or out of London. However, you can avoid all this by choosing a good London removals company that is a member of the BAR. Most of the London removals available offer a broad range of services such as office, home, and international removals. They also offer man and van services as well as packaging and storage solutions.

When choosing a removal company, you may consider the following;


  • Cost – The cost of relocation is typically determined by the amount of goods to be moved, the distance covered, the size of the removals crew, and the speed of packing among others. The cost may be reduced if you help with the packing or find your packing materials.
  • Insurance – It is important to determine if the removal company has insurance and if so, what the insurance covers. Also find out how long the insurance company takes to replace customer claims. It is important to note that most of the insurance companies do not cover the items that you packaged for yourself. In case your destination location requires night travels, then find out if the insurance covers such, and if your possessions will be secure.
  • Quotes – Get at least three quotations from different removals. Try and get quotes from the companies that are available to visit your premise. If that is not possible, then you can try and be as descriptive as possible when you are listing your possessions and other descriptions so as to get a very accurate quote. You can also ask for a quote from a company that is located at your final destination just to compare prices. For better comparison of the quotations, ensure that the companies give you a breakdown of the quotes.

After choosing the right removal company, you need to brief them on a few details such as the items that would need special packaging materials like pictures and paintings. You also need to inform them on the possessions that are difficult to move, and the things that you will carry. Also, inform them about the items that need disassembly so that they are well equipped when they come for the job. Finally, if you have the house plan of the destination location, you can inform them so that they place each package into its particular room.


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